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Geniez Web is one of the leading digital media agencies in the Middle East with expertise in Web Design, Social Media & Mobile Apps.
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Website Development Experts

Providing reliable web development, analysis, and optimization services

Web Development


Our team of experts is available to help you, whether you need a new website or a developer to fix your present one. Our development agency provides complete assistance and security for our clients during the whole development process. So, they come back to us for new ideas and the greatest website available on the market.



Your website is a reflection of your company, which means it is a reflection of you as well. People buy from businesses they have faith in. We create websites that provide visitors with the information they require to contact you. We’ll create your website in such a way that it has the best possibility of ranking high in the search engines. Every project is approached with vigor, originality, and a desire to learn more about your company. Our collaboration methodology is efficient and results-oriented. Our developers, strategists, and designers work together during the website creation process.


You have complete control over your website using a content management system (CMS). Because the design and content are separated, anybody can easily develop, update, and publish within the CMS. This means you can create new pages or publish blog entries without having to learn how to code.



Our front-end engineers are skilled in a variety of innovative and reliable technologies, including JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React.js, Vue.js, and others. Our considerable experience allows us to select the most appropriate front-end technology for each project. Despite the fact that they are all excellent, none of them is a one-size-fits-all answer. The server-side of any digital product must be built using strong technologies since the back-end is the bones and muscles of your program. We now have sophisticated back-end technologies such as Python, PHP, and others, as well as a number of frameworks and libraries, which we’ve learned during years of active development.


Create your website with the award-winning CMS. Our WordPress professionals can develop and configure your website with dynamic content and an SEO-friendly content creation plan. Give your visitors the greatest possible experience to increase lead generation and conversions. We create bespoke WordPress add-ons and extensions to offer you complete control over your website’s features. Create a fully working WordPress website using your design.

Our design team has experience converting PSD designs pixel-perfect on all web browsers and devices. Let our specialists convert your ideas into reality. A WordPress website allows you to use the strong framework created by hundreds of open source developers. Its excellent documentation allows our developers to swiftly add new features and functionality to the website. We can create bespoke plug-ins for your website to combine your tools and resources. Make your website a marketing tool.



Our custom eCommerce Websites & Mobile Apps can help you grow your online business with exceptional Design and premium themes of excellent quality for your website. Our web development team can also customize themes for you. Your complete business is handled from a single CRM, which includes marketing, design, analytics, reporting, and connectors. A variety of popular payment processors, including PayPal, Paytm, and others are included.


Various devices, screen sizes, and resolutions are used across the world. It is inefficient to manage various code bases for different devices and resolutions. Our responsive web design delivers solutions by allowing websites and applications to scale and change their content dependent on the device’s screen size.



Use our iterative and outcome-driven methodology to construct durable, scannable, and centralised website to streamline your company operations.


website development is an iterative process

As technology advances, so does the website that underpins it, which necessitates support and maintenance services. Businesses must stay up to rapidly changing technological developments. Experts that can give constant technical assistance are critical to the company’s long-term success,. We provide comprehensive support and maintenance services to our current clients, as well as end-to-end website, online, mobile, and cloud application development.

Frontend Development

Geneiz Web specializes

in high-end, custom website design and development services. Geniez Web assists partners in growing, innovating, and exceeding their business objectives by forging digital goods and online experiences that are based on user expectations and data collected. We will convert finalized designs into live, interactive online experiences that are coded with elegance and cleanliness. As part of the project, they will collaborate with back-end engineers to integrate anything from interactive landing pages to fully-featured dashboards and web applications.

Laravel Development

Providing great Laravel web development solutions

to all of our clients is our top priority at Geniez Web. This free and open-source PHP framework has a straightforward yet sturdy structure that makes it extremely simple to use. With years of expertise in developing high-quality websites utilizing the Laravel web development framework, our web developers are the best in the business.

Our team collaborates closely with the customer in order to fully comprehend and implement all of their needs and specifications. Using the Laravel framework, we take great delight in developing world-class web apps for our clients, ensuring that their businesses can achieve their full potential.

Rest API Development

APIs allow you

to exchange data with clients and other external users, as well as link your own infrastructure through cloud-native app development. Our API Development Services have assisted clients in achieving their business goals and launching new enterprises. Our goal is to make your company concept a reality. We make sure that our clients are not only happy but ecstatic with our API development services. We believe in giving our clients a holistic solution that helps them grow their business and showcase their brand online.


In the pharmaceutical and Medtech industries

e-detailing, also known as electronic detailing, is now well-established as a means of boosting efficiency in customer engagement while also enabling a higher level of service delivery to healthcare professionals (HCPs) and other stakeholders. Our e-Detailing system facilitates more seamless interaction between a pharmaceutical salesperson and a health care practitioner by digitizing sales information.

Web Application

Web app development services

aid in the creation, maintenance, and evolution of web-based applications. We are a business you can trust with the engineering of effective, efficient, and easy-to-use corporate and customer-facing web apps, online portals, XaaS products, and more, having produced hundreds of web projects. You may develop your user base faster, open up new digital channels, increase conversion six-fold, and achieve other gratifying business goals.

Custom Integrations

Connecting to an external service

using an API is frequently the easiest and quickest way to add crucial functionality to a program. It is frequently the only option. That is why appropriate API implementation is critical. We not only integrate systems, but we also design web application APIs. We build service connections that are both dependable and secure.

Mobile App Design

In only a few weeks

we’ll work with you to validate your ideas and bring your app to life. Beautiful, intuitive designs and a strategic framework for a successful launch are included in our mobile app plan. One of our strengths is creating Android applications. We have a lot of expertise in building iPhone applications, but we’re equally enthusiastic about making distinctive Android experiences.

The principle that consumers come first is something Google takes pleasure in, and it’s one we follow here at Geniez Web. The Apple App Store has also highlighted Geniez Web online apple mobile app designs, which have gotten an average rating of nearly 4.5 stars.

Mobile App Development

Through a mix of wise advice

game-changing tactics, sterling UI/UX design services, and the newest technology, we take delight in producing human-centric experiences for your mobile app that are useful and relevant to your end-users. In a short amount of time, our mobile app development team can help you design an outstanding mobile app that matches your brand and sets the scene.

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Not uncommon. But we can’t answer that without knowing what the website needs to be and do. How big is it? Does it need sophisticated features? Is it a simple web brochure or a complex online store? Etc.

We do too. The needs of each customer are important to us. Whether it’s a totally new site or an upgrade or refresh of an older one.

We run pre-launch tests and other procedures to ensure your website meets industry standards and performs as promised. We check that your site renders properly in all major browsers.

We are always available! This includes non-emergencies as well. Please provide as much information as possible regarding the issue, such as the browser, operating system, time of day, activities taken, and device used.

Yes! In fact, if we designed your site, we’d love to maintain it. We’ll be the party most familiar with your website’s functionality, and we’ll keep up with upgrades and patches to keep it running smoothly.

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Whether you're curious about services, quality advice, or even need support - We're ready to answer any and all questions

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